The Week That Was

I have never been so glad to reach a weekend before.  This week has been one of those weeks where every day has felt like it has stretched on for 7.  A week after the whole ‘we promise to tell you tomorrow if you are still going to the US’ I still have heard nothing at all from management.  Obviously that whole valued employee crap that I was given last week was simply to pacify me.  If I was such a valued employee you would think that they could take 5 minutes out of their day to give me an update on the situation. The US operations manager, who I was supposed to go over and help out because she is it for our US office, also hasn’t been told anything either and she is currently working ridiculous hours to get through the work. My colleague who was over there but now has been back for 5 weeks to get his permanent visa for Australia still has not filed any of his paperwork to get his visa, so there is no way he will be heading over there any time in the next month or so. Therefore, work has completely fucked up getting someone over there and fast to give our US Ops manager a hand.  Good one guys.

So whilst I’ve waited for someone to tell me what the hell was going on, I have been insanely busy running the support desk for the APAC region.  I have, in theory, a minion who is supposed to be helping me, but in reality he does fuck all.  He also takes at least one sick day a week.  Sad fact is, when he doesn’t bother to show up, I don’t notice it. My workload does not change.  I do as much when he is out of the office as when he is there. My minion is supposed to be in charge of our NZ support and comes in an hour early to be there to handle their support requirements. Proof of how little he does is that our NZ manager asked me yesterday if my minion was still coming in early to handle their support needs.  Minion does such a sterling job that our NZ manager doesn’t even know if he is there or not. Also Minion didn’t realise that he hadn’t been getting any NZ support queries for the last month when due to a tech problem his email address fell of the alias list for the NZ support email address.   I have no idea how he is going to cope being it for APAC support when I go on holidays for 3 weeks in September.  He has shown no initiative to learn how to do anything.  In fact, I think I am going to leave the support duties to the business managers as they show more of an interest to learn how to solve problems with our products than my minion and are better at it.  Jesting and snarking aside, I am actually really worried about this.  I pride myself on the fact that I provide outstanding customer service, far better than our competitors and it is one of the things our clients comment on and really appreciate.  To have them left with crappy, basically non-existent customer support for 3 weeks is not something I want to happen.  I am supposed to be getting another minion.  I was hoping that he would be here already so I can train him up to be able to handle things whilst I was away, but that has not happened.

So whilst work provides a great deal of stress I usually burn it off with exercise.  I was eager to get back into it after my 3 week hiatus with tendinitis in my right foot.  I went for a 5km run on Monday and everything felt great.  Things were not feeling so great by Tuesday lunchtime though.  I felt like I had rubbed all the skin off my right heel.  When I took off my shoes at Kung Fu that night I fully expected to see some raw skin but there wasn’t a mark.  By the time training finished, things were getting painful.  It hurt to go up on tippy toes and hurt even more to come down from being up on tippy toes.  A bit of googling and self diagnosis later and I came to the realisation that I have strained my Achilles tendon.  Great, just fucking great.  I have not been to physio.  I just can’t face that one day after my tendinitis has resolved, I have injured myself again.  So, I have been doing some home care – resting it, icing it etc.  This morning it is not feeling as bad as it has, still a bit achy when I walk for a while on it, but I am not inventing any new swear words like I have been these past few days. I am hoping a few more days of rest will see it come good.  This time however, I am not going to do a 5km run to test it out.  I am going to ease back into running very slowly.  I don’t want any more injuries between now and going to New York in 6 weeks time.

If you have made it to the end of this epic blog post, congratulations and thanks for reading.  I just felt the need to do a big brain dump after this week, to just get it out of my system.  It has been verty theraputic to get it out of my head and into words.  It has given me the chance to process it all and come up with some strategies.  Also much cheaper than paying for therapy.


2 responses to “The Week That Was

  1. 6 weeks and you’ll be in the states and hopefully able to have a break…

    I know what you mean about rubbish minions…. I guess you can’t get your present one sacked/disciplined?

    • I am very much looking forward to having 3 weeks off to really stop and de-stress.

      I have made complaints about my minion but so far nothing has happened. My company is very slow, almost reluctant to get rid of dead wood. though.