Songs to Run To

I have posted the songs currently on my ‘Running Songs’ playlist on my fitness blog.  I was only 16 seconds off my 5km run PB tonight,  which given I haven’t done any exercise at all in the last three weeks due to injury, was a fantastic time.  I put this down to the awesome songs that I pounded the pavement to.

What songs to do love to run or workout to?  You can answer here or over at Spud On The Run.

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3 responses to “Songs to Run To

  1. I like to make themed playlists like “TV theme songs” or the “Bad Day Blues” and I try to post one of my themed playlists every month. Check it out:

  2. No song can make me run, but I’ll check your list with pleasure! Maybe it gets me into the mood of jogging, at least!

    Take care and keep smiling. ;)

    • I used to feel the same way about running, but once I got out there and did I found I actually quite enjoyed it.