Playing With My New Camera

I brought a new camera last weekend, a Canon IXUS 80 IS, to take with me to the US and whilst I am not going to the US as soon as I thought I would be, I will definitely be there in September.  Therefore, I thought I should actually learn to use the thing before I go take photos of things that I want to take really good photos of.  Being dark, cold and raining, the only subjects I had immediately at hand were my dogs.

This is my shepherd mix Caleb curled up on his armchair

This is Rory lying on our bed, well more accurately, she is lying on my pillow.

Caleb watching TV with his new favourite toy lying next to his armchair

There is actually a dog in this photo.  Rory is hiding under her blankie in her beanbag.  She had had enough of me and my camera and the flash for one evening.

The rest of the photos I took can be found on my Flickr account.

What I love about this camera is that it is so easy to take some decent looking photos.  Now I need to sit down with the instruction manual and find out how to take some really interesting photos.  I hear that there is a way to do some time lapse photography and would love to experiment with that.  A time lapse photo taken in Times Square or Central Park would look awesome!

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2 responses to “Playing With My New Camera

  1. i have the same camera! lives in my handbag and it does a great job. my fave mode is manual :)

    • I am just using the auto mode at the moment, but will definitely have a play with the manual mode soon.