Aggressively Upbeat

As you guys all know, I have had the week from hell this week.  A week where I have spent the most of it disappointed and really pissed off.  Now I love my music, like really love my music, I plug myself into my iPod every morning and navigate the hell that is public transport in Sydney and then do the reverse in the evenings.  Without my music I would go insane.  Therefore with a hellish horrible week where I have been stressed out and angry, I have turned to music for solace.

I recently discovered the gorgeous Amanda “Fucking” Palmer through Twitter of all places.  I initially started following her (@amandapalmer) on Twitter a couple of months ago not because I was a fan of her music, I hadn’t even heard a note she had ever played, but simply because she was a damn interesting person.  Last week Lela brought home her debut solo album, “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” and I really enjoyed it.  However, this week, this album has become my saving grace.   It is hard to stay upset when rocking out to her music – and her music is designed to rock out to (well in my mind anyway).

So I present to you some of my favourite tracks from her album.  Firstly, Leeds United which has the best chorus ever, especially if you are a geek who loves Law & Order –

“but who needs love when there’s law & order
and who needs love when there’s southern comfort
and who needs love
when the sandwiches are wicked and they know you at the mac store.”

Then there is the totally irreverent Oasis which is the most catchiest song about rape and abortion ever written. It  has been banned in the UK, where apparently to talk about rape and abortion the song has to be in a minor key and fucking depressing.

Finally, the song that gets catch in my head all the time – Runs In The Family.  This song has an amazing beat and sounds like it would be really good to run to (I will let you know how that goes when my foot heals).

Apparently, when I get upset and angry I get into punk cabaret in a big way, who knew.

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2 responses to “Aggressively Upbeat

  1. I love Amanda Palmer. Love the Dresden Dolls and love her solo.

    • I haven’t listened to much Dresden Dolls, but I have No Virgina on my iPod. From what I have heard, I like her solo work over Dresden Dolls.