Blast From The Past: Just One Of Those Days

As I sit waiting for management to tell me if I am going to the US or not, which I am 99% sure they won’t bother doing, I thought I would re-visit an old post from my LiveJournal days.

It is a post about a really bad day I was having at work, where I was so pissed off, grumpy and busy that I failed to notice the dead dog on the floor.   In my defense it was a dog that we had euthanised earlier on in the day that the vet had placed on the treatment floor so that I could put it in the freezer, so it wasn’t like a dog just dropped dead and I didn’t notice. Then again, it sounds like I was having a shocker, so that very well could have happened.  Still, not one of my greatest shining moments.

So, to make myself feel slightly better about being a total doofus and missing the dead dog on the floor, let me know about when you had “one of those days” in which you did something totally stupid.

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