Life On Hold

I was supposed to be flying to the US tomorrow.  Was.  There is a lot of company politics and indecision going on which I really can’t comment on, but I was told on Tuesday night that they weren’t sure if they were going to send me for reasons I found out this morning when I talked to management.  None of these reasons actually involve me or my ability to do the job, I am just caught up in all this nonsense.  They are things that honestly could have and should have been worked out before I was told to completely re-organise my life.

There are quite a few colourful words I have used in the past 48 hours to describe this situation all of which I will refrain on using here, but I am sure you can guess which ones.  I am upset,  disappointed and just really angry.  Management have said nice things to me this morning and have promised big and exciting things for me but nothing that they are willing to actually tell me about, except that they are big and exciting.  I think it is all utter bullshit at this point.

I have been told that I will find out tomorrow if I am still going to the US, but it looks extremely unlikely.

So, yeah, happy times here at the moment.


One response to “Life On Hold

  1. Jeez mate, you think they could have gotten all the politics sorted out first!!!!! What a palarva! Hope it all works out for the best and if it doesn’t, we’ll have to have another dinner to welcome home!