Leaving On A Jet Plane

Atlanta Grid Project Section AG 57 January 2008
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Yesterday, at 11am my manager informed me that at the end of next week (around 10th July), I will be heading over to Atlanta to work in our US office for the next 2 months before going on my already planned with plane tickets paid for, 3 week vacation in the US.  Thus my life has been completely turned upside down and I now have 6 days to get everything organised for me not to be in Australia for the next 3 months.  To say that I am in a panic and completely stressed would be an understatement.  I have spent the last 24 hours trying to get my plane tickets changed from the 3rd September to the 10th July and have yet to get this actually finalised.  I can see this taking to the last possible moment to get organised, thanks to Delta taking forever to get back to my travel agent.  I also have a To Do list as long as my arm.  Everything I wanted to get done before my trip to the US in September I have to do in the next 6 days and some things I have had to resign myself to the fact that they won’t get done at all, like getting a new pair of contact lenses and a pair of glasses.

I also had the delightful task of telling Lela that we are going to be separated for the next 2 months and am now feeling like the worse girlfriend in the whole world, especially since she only has 6 days to get used to the idea.  Being apart from her for so long is not going to be fun.

On the upside, my holiday to the US in September just got a whole lot cheaper as work is now paying for my airfares to and from NY plus a flight to and from Altanta. Also, I have long wanted to go and work in a foreign country and now I get my chance to do just that.  I just wish I had a bit more notice to get stuff organised and to get used to the fact.  Also, Atlanta probably wouldn’t be in my top 10 places I would have chosen to work, but my co-worker Harvey, who has just returned from a three month stint over there absolutely loved it and wishes he was going back.  In fact, he would have been going back, but because he can’t get his permanent residency visa for Australia done in time, I have to go.

Also, I am not relishing going from winter to the middle of a hot, humid summer.  Currently in Atlanta temps are a minimum of 23C to a maximum of 35C and I do not cope well with humidity.  To make this even more fun, thanks to me dropping 15kg (33lbs) in the past 6 months I have absolutely no summer clothes that even remotely fit me, well okay, that isn’t true, I have a couple of t-shirts.  Therefore, the first thing I am going to be doing when I reach Atlanta is clothes shopping.

Thanks to the wonders of Google Maps, I know where I will be working and the route I need to take to get my apartment, which will be about a 5-10 minute walk from the office.  Also, Harvey has shown me where the nearest supermarket is, shopping mall and the parts of the city where I shouldn’t even think of walking through by myself.  I also have a US sim card for my mobile phone and a train pass so I can get to the supermarket (yes, it requires a train to get to the nearest supermarket).

So, for the next 2 months I am going to be based in Atlanta and whilst my week days will be taken up entirely with work, I am hoping to get some time on the weekends to call my own.  Therefore, I need things to do to stop myself getting homesick.  If you have ever wanted someone to do something typically American and report back on the experience, then let me know.  I am up for all challenges such as going to a basketball game or a baseball game, eating Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, working out what the all the rules are concerning tipping or trying not to gain weight whilst eating a diet of American food.  Just let me know in the comments what you would like me to experience and blog about and I will endeavour to do it!

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6 responses to “Leaving On A Jet Plane

  1. Exciting, but scary exciting. My corporate office is in Atlanta, and I’ve been there several times. It is a big city with all the things that come with it including some of the worst traffic in the country. Being close to work is definitely a plus in this case.

    Basketball season is over, so you’ll have to take in a baseball game. Those are best seen in person. I put them on TV to fall asleep to ;-) At least the Atlanta Braves are a pretty good team.

    They have great shopping, so clothes will be no problem.

    There are lots of things to do. Stone Mountain is a good get away, and if you can get to Savannah Georgia (on the coast) you really should do it.

    Enjoy the opportunity and chance to experience a different culture. It’s even different from my culture (I’m a Northerner, and Atlanta is the capital of the South).

    Finally, don’t be afraid to take in the chicken and waffles – oh, and grits.

    • The men’s basketball season is over, but the women’s has just started, since I am a big women’s basketball fan I am definitely going to a couple of games whilst I am there.
      Would also love to catch a baseball game just to say that I have seen one.
      I will definitely have to try grits. Got no idea what they are, but heard a lot about them.

  2. i still can’t believe they give you such short notice!!

  3. Stop by Elliot Street Bar and Grill just south of the CNN building. Tell them Russell sent you. I’m in California now or I would introduce you to my friends.




  4. attractsuccessnow

    Hey good on you for getting organised so quickly. Have a great time and I look forward to reading about it!

  5. stripedsocks@LJ

    Oh, man, I wish I lived near any of the spots on your itinerary. I’d take you out to lunch!