Blast From The Past: I Know What My Job Is

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Welcome to the first installment of me going through my old blog posts and making fun of them.  When I read this one I knew I had to mock it and then promptly die of embarrassment.  This post was written in August 2004 when I had been working as a vet nurse for almost a year and was still learning the ropes.  The main part of the post was about an emergency surgery we needed to do on a small terrier whose leg was crushed by a falling bed.  How a bed fell on that dog I will never know.  Anyway, obviously I was feeling a little cocky about actually knowing what I was doing, which in those days was a rare thing.  I actually described the event as such, “Fortunately, this was a surgery I knew what the hell I was doing in. Basically keep the dog alive and then before the vets close the wound site up I take x-rays, develop them and let the vets know if they have stuffed up or not.”

That’s right, according to me, my job was to take x-rays and let the vets know if they had screwed up the operation.  Now my description isn’t technically wrong, my job was to keep the dog alive and then at the end of the operation before we closed, I was to take x-rays to make sure the bones and pins were in the right position and everything looked good.   However, I can’t believe I actually described it as “let the vets know if they have stuffed up or not”.  I wish I could explain this away as me just being a kid, but I was 29 at the time.  I have no excuse.  Now I shall promptly go and die of embarrassment of my 29 year old self.  I wonder if in 5 years time, my 39 year old self will be similarly embarrassed at what my 34 year old self has written.  Knowing me, that is almost a certainty.

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