My Online Life in One Spot

I have imported my old Livejournal that I started in 2004 along with my old WordPress blog into this blog so I have everything in one single place.

Here is my very first blog post that I wrote on the 30th May, 2004 and I was trying so hard to be deep and sound intelligent.  At that time I was working as a vet nurse and most of my LiveJournal entries are about life as a vet nurse.  I was also trying to lose weight.  Sad that 5 years later not much has changed, although these days I am having some success with it. However, other aspects of my life between then and now have changed so much.

I will go through my old posts and pull out the most interesting and of course, the most embarrassing ones and will share them with you so click on the Subscribe button if you want to check them out as I post them.

If you are bored, feel free to check out my old posts.  Quite a few of them don’t have titles which is something I will slowly correct over the coming days/weeks.

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