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Since I am not allowed to walk on my foot unless strictly necessary, I have been confined to the couch for the weekend.  By 11am I was bored out of my mind and decided to fire up The Sims in an attempt to keep myself amused for a few hours.  I created a Sim Kylara and moved her into Strangetown and let her meet the neighbours.  She took a real shine to a Sim called Nervous Subject (who I am not responsible for naming) and as time went by they became lovers.  However, Nervous had a terrible habit of running off and throwing up every time things got interesting and in fact turned Kylara down when she asked him to WooHoo.  Poor girl was devastated.

Next day Kylara bring home a friend from work, a lovely girl called Circe.  Well things progressed nicely, Circe didn’t turn her down for WooHoo and so Kylara asked her to move in.  It wasn’t until Circe moved in that we learnt that Circe is actually married to a scientist called Loki.  The next day Loki moves in and on the first night, he has no problems sleeping in a single bed in the same room as his wife and her new lover.  It wasn’t until the next night, when Jenny (another friend from work) decides to drop over that Loki completely loses it when he discovers his wife in bed with Kylara.  There is yelling, screaming and crying and Loki and Circe end their marriage.  Loki storms off to the bathroom and Circe runs off into the night and simply vanishes.  Next day Loki moves out and when Kylara tries to ring Circe, she is no longer in the phone book.  So despite Kylara’s stats saying that her and Circe are still lovers, Circe is nowhere to be seen and is uncontactable and Ky is all alone once more.

It was at this point I decided to shut down The Sims because it had simply gotten too weird.  You can truly screw up your Sim’s life if you chose to and sometimes even if you don’t chose to. Alternatively, you can use The Sims to write a really trashy romance novel. I am sure I have an excellent one in the making here.

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2 responses to “A Day in the Life of The Sims

  1. Noice. My sim that I created for sims3 is now an elder, but has hit the top of the music career, and is stringing along 3 female and 1 male lover at this stage, even in her golden years :)