Tender Tendon

Yesterday, I was sent off for x-rays and an ultrasound to see what I have done to my right foot.  The x-rays were clear but the ultrasound showed a ganglion cyst between the first and second metatarsal.  Since ganglion cysts usually go away on their own, I thought I had completely dodged the bullet and would hopefully be back at training on Saturday.  However, my appointment with the physio this afternoon revealed that the ganglion cyst was a red herring and I have actually strained the extensor tendon that runs up my second metatarsal or as it is known in medical circles, extensor tendinitis.  I have been told that I have to keep off my foot as much as possible and will not be able to go back to training for at least 2 weeks.   My right foot is now covered in tape to reduce the load on my tendon and give it a chance to heal.

I have no idea what I am going to do with myself for the next two weeks.  I can’t sit on the couch and do nothing – I will go insane.  I am thinking that there has to be some exercises that I can do without using my feet.  Sit-ups and girly push-ups don’t involve the feet and I might be able to do some pull-ups as well.

If you can think of any exercises I can do, that will not aggravate my tendinitis, please let me know.  I’ve gotta find a way to get in some exercise or my stress levels are going to go through the roof.

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5 responses to “Tender Tendon

  1. Not sure if you belong to a gym– did your physio mention if you could bike? Row? Swim? When I had achilles tendinitis, my physio cleared me for all things that didn’t hurt. But he said firmly, if it hurts at all, don’t do it.

    • I don’t belong to a gym so I don’t have access to a rowing machine, although I would dearly love to have one at home. For the moment, my physio has confined me to the couch. Hopefully that restriction will be lifted on Monday.

  2. Just call me 'A'

    you could do a lot of upper body exercises….work on those arms, back, shoulders, chest. side bend for the love handles should also not involve your feet and you can do those. you could use dumbells, exercise bands, balls etc to strength those muscles if machines are not an option.

  3. This might be the time to check out Pilates, which was originally developed to help dancers and sports people keep fit and in shape while injured. Now you are a sports person :)

    • As soon as I get clearance from my doctor that I am allowed to do more than sit on the couch, I will check out Pilates and see what exercises I can do that won’t aggravate my foot.