The Unblogged Life

Life has been insanely busy over the past month or so. So absolutely, insanely busy, which means that I rarely have time to stop and just sit and blog. I have been hoping it would calm down, but it hasn’t yet.

Work is just crazy.  I have been promoted without really being promoted – I just got a shiny new job title which makes me sound really important, but my day to day job has not changed, I just have more of a workload.  I am enjoying aspects of it, whilst other aspects annoy me.  It is the same with any job really, you take the good with the bad.  However, I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed at the sheer level of stupidity that some people are able to achieve.  There is usually one incident a day that simply blows my mind.  I guess it keeps life interesting.

When I am not at work, I can usually be found at a martial arts class.  It surprises me just how much I am loving doing Kung Fu.  I am now doing about 7 hours a week which the old couch potato me would have keeled over and died at the thought of doing.  7 hours a week of sport!  It would have been inconceivable 4 months ago.  I have my grading for my brown belt (1st belt) tomorrow night which I am getting increasingly nervous about.  If you want to find out exactly what is in my grading, you can read this post.

That is pretty much all I have been doing – work and martial arts.


One response to “The Unblogged Life

  1. Good luck with your brown belt exam! And do share some of the stupidity you encounter on a daily basis! :)