Running For A Worthwhile Cause

I have entered my first ever City to Surf run which will be held on 9th August 2009. As part of the City to Surf run, you can choose to raise money for a charity of your choosing. I really like the idea of running for a good cause and personally, I can’t find a better cause than the Lupus Association of NSW.

Three years ago over the course of a week I went from being healthy and pain free to being unable to walk or grasp objects and no one knew what was wrong. Lupus was one of the diseases that my doctors kept testing me for. Whilst I was lucky not to have lupus, there are thousands who are diagnosed with it every year. Lupus is an autoimmue disease in which your immune system attacks your tissues and organs causing problems with your joints, skins, kidneys, blood cells, heart and lungs. Lupus can be fatal and there is no known cure. The Lupus Association of NSW helps people who are newly diagnosed with lupus as well as those who have been living with lupus for some time. If I wasn’t so lucky, it would be this organisation I would have turned to for help.

If you would like to sponsor me in my first ever 14km run and help raise money for this great cause, please click on the Lupus logo below. Thanks :)


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2 responses to “Running For A Worthwhile Cause

  1. So now I know what you look like!!

    Thanks for the lovely comment.

  2. It’s a great thing you’re doing. Will definitely check it out.