The Importance of Reading The Fine Print or How I Failed at Making A Packet Cake

Store bought cupcakes. Cheap and delicious.

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My girlfriend Lelak was craving cake today so I decided to be a wonderful girlfriend and make some cupcakes out of a Green’s Chocolate Cake packet mix.  All I needed to do was follow the simple instructions to create some chocolately cake goodness.

As you can probably guess my plans didn’t go to plan.  I added the cake mix, eggs, milk and butter to the mixing bowl and turned on the electric mixture but after about 5 mins there was still chunks of butter in the mixture. That is when I look a close look at the instructions on the back of the packet and saw that I needed to add soft butter and not butter straight from the fridge like I did.

I kept mixing the crap out of cake mixture for another 5 minutes to no avail.  I shall just pretend that the little chunks of butter are really creamy buttery surprises that are meant to be in there.

Next, came making the icing (frosting) and I took particular care to get the butter soft, but apparently my idea of soft is not the same as the packet makers cause the icing also contained chunks of butter.  I took the chunks out and put them in the microwave until they melted and put the melted mixture back in the icing mixture.  However, my icing never achieved that icing look, even though it tasted like icing.  It was crumbly but made a nice ball.  It looked very similar to cookie dough.  I ended up putting the whole icing mixture into the microwave and melted the hell out of it and stuck it very unsuccessfully on the top of the cupcakes.

My poor cupcakes look terrible and nothing like the picture above. In fact, they are worthy of being mocked on Cake Wrecks which is why I have not taken any photos of them.  I just hope that they taste okay and Lelak appreciates the sentiment of me making some cupcakes for her.

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6 responses to “The Importance of Reading The Fine Print or How I Failed at Making A Packet Cake

  1. Great post. I often have the same issue with the butter too. I just fill the sing with some hot water, put the butter in a bowl and it gets soft really quickly. I bet the cakes will taste delicious regardless of what they look like. Let me know as often its good to have a cake mix in standby.

    • Despite my complete screw up making the cupcakes, they didn’t taste too bad. They definitely have that “packet mix” taste, but they fulfil the need for cakey goodness.

  2. I Love You!

    This made me laugh so damn hard I think I burst a blood vessel.

    I would have totally eaten those made with love cupcakes, and I don’t even like cake.

    • Yikes! No bursting blood vessels thank you very much, Mrs I Had A Stroke Recently.

      I am not entirely sure Lelak liked the cupcakes as she didn’t really eat that many of them. I, however, enjoyed them immensely. Then again, I am on a diet and it is chocolate cake.

  3. lol Did they taste okay at least?