Winter Chills, Weight Loss & A Poll

I know I said I would update my blog more often and then I go almost a week without posting.  Yeah, I suck, I know.  This week has been insane and to top it off I have gotten the flu.  It has been freezing cold this week, well cold according to Sydney standards, and getting out of bed in the mornings has been tough and I am suddenly wearing many layers of clothes.  Strange to think that last weekend I was in a t-shirt.  I guess winter has come early.

However despite being insanely busy and getting sick thus doing barely any exercise at all this week,  I have lost a kilo, which brings my total weight loss to 10.6kg! I am so excited.  I am now about 4kg off my goal weight.  I promised myself when I began this whole weight loss journey that when I reached 74kg, I would dye my hair an awesome colour like blue/black or purple/black or something like that.  Since I weighed in this week at 73.9kg, it is time to decide what coloue to dye my hair, but I am torn.  So I thought I would run a poll and see what colour you guys think I should dye my hair.

If you voted Other, let me know what colour your think I should dye my hair in the comments.

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4 responses to “Winter Chills, Weight Loss & A Poll

  1. dark red!

    • Hmm… hadn’t thought of dark red. Dark red wouldn’t freak my clients out as much as blue or purrple potentially would.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss woo hoo!!! And I am voting for blue black even though I have not seen a picture of you but it should go with all skin colourings.

  3. Wow! Yeah. congrats on your weight loss too. Go for red.