My 1st Kung Fu Injury & The Itchy Dog

Today I suffered my first Kung Fu injury besides a couple of bruises. We were practising turning kicks today and decided since it was nice day, we would take the class outside onto the astroturf. Well, my feet did not appreciate 45 minutes of turning kicks on astroturf. Basically, I shredded both feet and got a lovely hole in one of them and ripped up my big toe on my other foot. Being a blogger and a medical science geek, of course I took a photo of it.

It doesn’t really look like much, but it really hurts. Yeah, yeah, I know, ‘toughen up, princess’, but at least I waited until I got home from class to complain about it. I didn’t want to look like a wimp in class.

Also, today, we took Caleb, our German Shepherd/Husky mix, to the vet as he has been extremely itchy lately and has developed scabs over a large portion of his body.  He has always been an itchy, allergic dog but it has just gotten worse in recent months.  My poor boy has a bacterial infection of the skin so he is on antibiotics and steroids to help clear it up as well as weekly baths in Malaseb, a medicated shampoo that helps kill the bacteria.  After the bacterial infection has cleared up, we will start to investigate why he is constantly itchy and exactly what he is allergic to.  He used to be fed a hypo-allergenic food for about 3 years, but it didn’t do that much for him, so we know it isn’t a food allergy.  My guess is it is probably grass as he is mainly itchy on his belly and flanks.  Also, since grass is the most difficult allergy to deal with, it would figure that he might have it as my dogs love being difficult.

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2 responses to “My 1st Kung Fu Injury & The Itchy Dog

  1. that injury is way impressive!
    hope caleb starts to feel better soon

  2. Ouch!!

    Hope your pup’s itchy skin clears up. We’ve been having a similar problem with one of our cats.