Only in a GLBT Kickboxing Class..

I am taking a kickboxing class which is being run by the Gay & Lesbian Martial Arts Association (GLMA).  The class is open to both the queer and heterosexual community and no one is discriminated against based on sexuality.  However, there is stuff said in that class that you were never hear in a regular kickboxing class.

Last night Penny, our instructor, was teaching us the elbow jab and Brett, a fabulous flamboyant gay boy, was having some difficulty with it.  What he was doing would have been a fabulous dance move but was rather ineffective in kickboxing. Penny was watching him and remarked, “You are doing it like a gay boy”

“But I am a gay boy”

“Yeah, but you need to do it more like… a lesbian.”

“A lesbian?”

“Yes, I want your role model to be a lesbian.  You need to be more butch.”

After which a lively discussion about butch lesbians and spirit fingers erupted and everyone who screwed up a move claimed to be have infected by the “gay boy virus”.

Later on in the class, Penny told us that we should all be like warriors after which Brett pipes up, “So should my role model be a lesbian or a warrior?” to which Penny comes back with, “I think you should just stick to being a lesbian.”

Only in a queer kickboxing class would you ever be told to kickbox like a lesbian.

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5 responses to “Only in a GLBT Kickboxing Class..

  1. ROTFL

    Love it.

  2. Sign me up! I could use a good laugh!

  3. OMG i need to come to that class. totally my humour!

  4. Obviously his role model should be Xena. :P

  5. digitallori

    LOL – That is so great.

    I guess I am close – I always get accused of being a lesbian. :)