Fitness Update

I thought I would give those of you who don’t follow my fitness blog, Spud On The Run, a bit of an update on how I am doing fitness wise.

I seem to have become a bit like a born again Christian in terms of my diet and exercise.  I am trying to do my best not to tell everyone I meet that they shouldn’t eat refined carbs and to only eat real whole foods and that high intensity exercise is much better than spending hours on the treadmill.  I have done a complete 180 on the me of last year and become some weird exercising fitness nut version of myself.  It is kinda scary.

I have also done something I never thought I would do – post photos of myself on the internet wearing only a sports bra and boxer shorts.  This from a girl who hates photos of herself fully clothed.  However, it is for a good cause.  It is to show everyone how much my body has changed in the four weeks that I have been trying to eat properly and have taken up CrossFit. It is also a good visual reminder for myself to see that what I am doing is working and to just keep doing it.

I have also taken up kickboxing and Kung Fu in the last two weeks and am loving it! I am surprised that I am not the unco fat chick up the back who is struggling with the class but am up near the front powering away and actually doing the routines correctly.

My life has become very surreal lately, but it is a good surreal.

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