Putting A Price On Love

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Now we all know the saying that “Diamonds Are Forever” and of the ‘tradition’ that a man should spend two months’ of his salary on an engagement ring.  Now how would you feel to know that both of these things were simply a marketing ploy.  Before 1947 there was no tradition of spending two months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring until De Beers, who controls 80% of the world’s supply of diamonds, came up with it so that they could sell more diamonds.  Feels kinda cheap and slimy now, doesn’t it?

Yet it is still a tradition that exists even today and even before knowing these slimy facts, I have hated it.  I really don’t see the appeal in massive rocks worn on women’s fingers.  In fact most jewelery leaves me cold, which really pissed my parents off as they would always buy me jewelery and I never wore it.  The only jewelery I wear is my claddagh ring of which Lelak has a matching one, the earings Lelak gave me for my birthday the first year we were together and my triquetra necklace. All these pieces mean something deeply personal to me and none of them are flashy or try to make a statement to people within a 500m radius of me.

I don’t see the point in spending a large sum of money for some fugly gaudy rock just to prove that my fiance loves me.  However, women today are still doing it and still making a big deal of how big the damn thing is and how much their boyfriend spent on it.  I have had to sit and endure weeks of one of my female acquaintances talk about her fucking ring and it was the most pointless drivel I have ever endured.  I just don’t get it.  If you are spending that amount of money then for god’s sake buy something useful with it.  Put a deposit on a house, use it for your wedding or towards your honeymoon.

Now, I am not against engagement rings and if a diamond is what takes your fancy go for it.  Just stop harping on about how much it cost and how big it is.  Instead how about mentioning what it means to you to have your boyfriend propose and you can even go on and on about how much you love him every time you look at it.  I would happily sit through that then talk about the bling value it has.  It cheapens the whole propose/engagement ring deal.   It is like these women care more about how much their fiance spent on them, then how much they love them.  No wonder the divorce rate is so high.

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3 responses to “Putting A Price On Love

  1. I’m currently debating A Ring
    Option A: No ring, why do I need one? I don’t need an expensive thing to tell everyone I’m attached to someone else
    Option B: get something that I like, but know would only last <10 years. Get new one as my tastes change
    Option C: Ask him to splash out on a diamond ring that I love to bits that’ll “last forever”
    every week, I have a different opinon. gah!

  2. you’ve just described my skank whore in law.

    she got engaged then married for the bling, the party, the pressies and the respectability. Not for the stability of her family.

  3. It’s rather demoralising how many 20th Century traditions are based on advertising ploys. The modern interpretation of Santa Claus was based on a Coca Cola advertising campaign, St Valentines Day – Hallmark; Mother’s and Father’s days, chocolate easter eggs… &cetera.