Yum cha with the Sydney Blogger Girls

Today I got together with a collection of wonderfully talented geek girls for our semi-regular Sydney Blogger girl meet-up.  They are organised by Leigh who runs Crazy Meezer, All for Women and That’s Noice! and are a great opportunity to get together with girls who love blogging.

This time we decided to go for yum cha at East Ocean Restaurant in Chinatown and because I seem to arrive early wherever I go (because I have a fear of being late), I was the first one there.  It was insanely busy.  I gave the details of the booking to the lady at the desk who vaguely pointed across the restaurant and said, “they are over there”.  So I wandered through the restaurant searching for people I may recognised and found no one.  I approached another woman with a booking list and asked again, this time, I was shown to an empty table.  If the first lady had told me I was the first one there and the table number, I wouldn’t have looked like a complete idiot roaming through a packed restaurant looking lost.

After an argument with a server who didn’t understand that I wanted to wait until everyone arrived before deciding if we all wanted Chinese tea, people finally started to arrive  and I felt no longer like a nigel sitting at a big table all by myself.

Today’s lunch was a mixture of girls I have meet before and new faces.  What I am constantly amazed about the blogging community is that everyone is so friendly and happy to share hints and tips about blogging that they have picked up.  There is also an amazing lack of ego which is refreshing as well.  What I love most of all about the lunches is that they inspire me to keep blogging.  Blogging is often a lonely business and with a busy life there barely seems to time get everything that needs to be done let alone have the time to blog.  Getting to meet fellow bloggers makes it seem less lonely and more like you are part of community.

The wonderful women in attendance were;







It was fantastic meeting you all and I am looking forward to the next meet up.


10 responses to “Yum cha with the Sydney Blogger Girls

  1. was such a nice get-to-gether today :o) v glad i got to meet you and the other girls!

  2. We definitely have to have another get together soon. :)

  3. Was great to see you again! Hopefully we can squeeze another one in before May when I jet off. :P

  4. It was great to catch up again and meet the new girls… and the yum cha was nom! We shall defiantly have to make it a more regular thing.

  5. Christie: We will definitely have to have another meet-up before you leave. :)

    Leigh: It was fabulous meeting “the new girls” today and catching up with “the old girls” :) So what other dining experience have you also not have?

  6. realityravings

    Great food, people and conversation. A definate winner.

  7. I came across your site and I’d like to suggest our restaurant in your next meet up event :)