My New Addiction

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Every so often I become crazily addicted something, in the past it has been mainly TV shows like Buffy, Xena and The X-Files.  This time it is something new, something I never thought I would become addicted to in a million years.  I have become addicted to fitness, mainly CrossFit.  You can read all about my new addiction over at Spud on The Run, particularly the posts I have become a buttercup and Death by WOD.  Along with this new addiction has become an increasing interest in nutrition and I am learning lots of fascinating stuff that is making me re-evaluate my diet and the way I have been thinking about food.

Also, I am about to embark on another new challenge in about a month or so (like CrossFit wasn’t enough) – Kickboxing and possibly even Kung Fu.  That’s right, I am in training to be a Ninja!  I have always wanted to do a martial art but was way too scared to try in fear that people would laugh at the uncordinated, unfit fat chick who closely resembled Kung Fu Panda rather than Bruce Lee.  However, I have stopped making excuses.  This year I am going to get fit and I am going to do the things I have always wanted to.  Also I couldn’t go past a 6 week beginner kickboxing class plus a free trial of the Kung Fu classes for $60.  The added bonus (like the price wasn’t enough) is it is a gay and lesbian martial arts centre.  Unfortunately, I have to wait until March 12th to begin.  However, that will give me some time to improve my fitness before rocking up the classes, so it is all good.

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4 responses to “My New Addiction

  1. I LOVE kickboxing. Classes can be a bit too intense for people with chronic illness, but it’s fairly easy to scale down the activities to suit without losing the impact. And the range of movement/muscle use is wide without feeling artificial, if that makes sense :-)

  2. Now that is a worthwhile addiction to have!!

  3. Naomi: I no longer class myself as having a chronic illness, but I guess it remains to be seen how I handle the class.

    MistressB: It is a good addiction, it is just an extremely strange one for me.

  4. You’re a traitor to nerds everywhere!