Crazy Insane Week

This week has just been insane and I have been so busy at work.  There was the Global Sales Conference on where all the managers from our international offices met in Sydney to discuss business development.  Then I was training our new technical account manager for our new US office, plus my clients had some interesting problems that needed solving. Just so much on and so much to do.

Still I got to have some fun as we went on a harbour cruise on Wednesday afternoon/evening around Sydney harbour for four hours and were fed some gorgeous fresh seafood like crabs, lobster and prawns.  It was so lovely just motoring around the harbour and taking the time to hang out with my co-workers and the overseas managers who I email regularly and talk to over Skype.

I am really looking forward to this weekend just to chill out, take things easy and recharge.  However, I am not looking forward to the hot temperatures that are forecasted.  24C should be a daytime maximum temperature not the minimum nighttime temperature.  I can’t wait until summer is over and it is cool enough to snuggle under the doona at night.

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5 responses to “Crazy Insane Week

  1. sounds like a relaxing time :)

  2. I think it’s been insanely busy for everyone lately

    Hope you are managing to find some cool somewhere

  3. There has been loads on the news about the weather there. Hope everything is OK. It looks very serious.

  4. Mistress B: Trying to stay cool in any way I can. I am really hoping that the forecasted southerly comes through tonight.

    ThreeDog: The weather has been hot here in NSW but nothing compared to what they are having in Victoria, about 800km south of where I am. Extreme heat plus devastating bushfires. I