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I have just joined a forum for people trying to lose weight called 3 Fat Chicks (isn’t it a fabulous name?).  It is tied to the website of the same name that was started by three sisters who started blogging about their weight loss journey.  On the forum there is a section for people to post their before and after pictures and the results are truly inspiring. There are this mother and daughter team who have both lost half their body weight and this woman who has lost 200lbs. All these women look incredible.

For me, I find my inspiration from people I see on the street.  I see them and I make a promise to myself never to let myself get that obese.  It sounds horrible, I know, but I never want to reach that size, I never want to get that big.   Then there is my gorgeous girlfriend Lela who is currently doing CrossFit and has a weights gym set up in our back room.  Watching her over the months lift more and more weights and the fabulous muscles she is getting from it makes me want to get that fit and healthy.

Now that I have gotten back my ability to exercise, I am determined to get fit.  I am hoping that in getting fit and building up my muscles that if my fibro overcomes my meds and flares up again, the results won’t be so devastating as they were last time.  I am also finding to my complete surprise that I am enjoying exercising.  Today I made myself do the ironing and the dishes before I used my WiiFit.  That’s right, exercise was my reward for doing the household chores.  This is how into this fitness kick I have become.

If you are on the weight loss/fitness journey, what do you use for your inspiration?  What makes you get out of bed early to exercise or not have seconds of your favourite foods?

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4 responses to “Finding Inspiration

  1. My motivation is good clothing and being healthy for my daughter. I want to be able to shop in any store that I want (not just “plus-size” store). My husband has fibro and wants to get a Wii Fit to motivate him to exercise.

  2. Amy: That is great motivation. I would love to be able to buy smaller clothes as well.
    Tell your husband to get that WiiFit and start exercising, but to make sure his fibro is under control and he doesn’t overdo it and put himself into a flare.

  3. i have to confess that i use other people as inspiration, comparng myself to them. skinny clothes shops do it too.
    i have the attention span of a goldfish, hence my on again/off again progress, but those photos on 3FC were inspirating enough to get me back on the wagon again

  4. Rah: Thank the gods I am not the only one who uses other people for inspiration. I was beginning to think I was a little strange.

    Glad to hear that you are back on the wagon. If need any support let me know, I will be happy to try and keep you on track.