Scenes from Melbourne

I am going to document my trip to Melbourne in bullet points and photos.  If I actually wrote about my time there this post would turn into a mini novel.


  • Flew down to Melbourne in the morning on Virgin Blue.  Didn’t appreciate watching footage of the plane in the Hudson River as we took off over water.
  • Max picked us up at the airport and we drove around Melbourne before picking up Glenn and going out to lunch on Lygon St
  • Went to dinner at an old family friends’ place.  It was fantastic to see them all again.


  • Drove to Arthur’s Seat to go strawberry picking.  Discovered chocolate covered freezed dried strawberries.
Max, Me and Susan with our strawberry haul

Max, Me and Susan with our strawberry haul

Playing frisbee on the beach.

Playing frisbee on the beach.

A fantastic catch by Susan

A fantastic catch by Susan

  • Had drinks at the Sorrento Hotel.
Group Potrait at Sorrento Hotel

Group Portrait at Sorrento Hotel

Obviously Jono and Bomber wore their dirty work boots in the hotel once too often

Obviously Jono and Bomber wore their dirty work boots in the hotel once too often


  • Camera had a flat battery so was left at home :(
  • Caught the train into Melbourne and played tourist for the day.
  • Went to Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI) and saw the model of the set of my father’s and my favourite French film “Mon Oncle“.
  • Saw trapeze artists teaching kids how to do tricks on the trapeze on Swanston Street.  Was amazing to see a trapeze set up on a busy street in the middle of the city.
  • Ate mini cupcakes at Little Cupcakes.
  • Went to the Old Melbourne Goal, got locked up in a prison cell and saw a re-enactment of the Ned Kelly trial.
  • Went to St Kilda on a crowded tram and ate gorgeous Vegetarian food at SoulMama.


  • Geeked out at the Scienceworks museum and planetarium until the noise of screaming children drove us away
  • Wandered around Melbourne and then sat at the James Squire Brewhouse and waited for Susan to finish at the Australian Open and Glenn to finish work.


  • Went shopping and managed to buy my parents’ birthday presents.  For the first time ever I am organised.
  • Went to lunch with my childhood friend Leigh
Leigh and Me

Leigh and Me

  • Went to the Sofitel Hotel to use the bathroom on the 36th floor.  This is why…
Bathroom with a view...

Bathroom with a view.

  • Decided to eat our way around Melbourne – First stop Haight’s Chocolate, then Koko Black to have a hot chocolate and then Lord of the Fries to have hot chips.
  • After eating our body weight, we walked around the Docklands in a vain effort to burn off all the calories we consumed.
The Yarra River

The Yarra River

  • Played pub trivia and managed to come 5th out of 25 teams.


  • Flew back home to Sydney.  This time there was no images of plane crashes as we took off.
  • Melbourne is now definitely on the list of cities that I could quite happily live in.
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