You Expect Me To Swallow That?

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Get your minds out of the gutter kids, I am referring to multivitamin tablets.  Why does every single brand of multivitamins have tablets that are the size of a horse pill?  It makes taking them not a pleasurable activity at all.  You sit there in the morning staring at one or if you are unlucky two of these giant tablets and think ‘I have to swallow that at this hour of the morning? I am not even awake yet. ‘

I am starting to think that multivitamins are made by sadomasochists.  Who else would design a tablet that is almost impossible to swallow, especially one that you need to take in the morning when you are still coming to grips with being conscious?

Has anyone actually found the Holy Grail of Multivitamins?  The one where the tablet is quite small and is not a chore to take every morning?  If so, what brand is it for I must track it down.  Until then I will be sitting each morning with my two horse tablets trying to swallow them.  At least the ones this time have a berry flavoured coating to make the pain a little less.

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5 responses to “You Expect Me To Swallow That?

  1. I am OK with swallowing them. I have trouble finding ones that don’t repeat on me. They smell bad enough, but burping and tasting it for hours afterwards eww.

  2. how about something like emergen-C? i’m not sure what mix of vitamins you’re looking for, but they have several combos and it’s just a flavoured powder you mix with water.

  3. i’ve been taking the swisse women’s multi and apart from the size, OH MY GOD THEY SMELL SO BAD

  4. I have found that the Holy Grail of Multivitamins is fruit itself =)

    Well, that and a berocca every morning ;)

  5. I’m with Leigh on the finding ones that don’t repeat bit.