First Day Back at Work plus an Important Lesson about Weight Loss

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The alarm going off at 5:45am this morning was a very rude shock indeed.  During the holidays I was getting out of bed around 8:30am, which is the same time I sat down at my work desk this morning.  Thankfully my inbox was not as bad as I feared it would be and my day went rather smoothly.

This evening though, I had a rude shock when I stepped on my WiiFit.  I had put on 0.8kg since yesterday!  I looked at my food choices yesterday and they really weren’t good at all.  A cheesymite scroll and a berry white chocolate scone from Baker’s Delight and then a big vegetarian roast dinner, plus a 600mL carton of banana milk.  I just can not eat like that and expect to lose weight.  I did the same thing the week before and suffered the same weight gain.  I am sabotaging my weight loss goals plus ruining all the good my exercising is doing.  Lesson learnt and I will endeavour to do better and make more sensible food choices.  I refuse to keep losing and gaining the same kilo!

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2 responses to “First Day Back at Work plus an Important Lesson about Weight Loss

  1. You’re not alone, my dear. I’m not having my Wii weigh me for days. I lost my mind this weekend (you remember why) and ate like a horse. In fact, I think I ate the equivalent of a horse. Wait a few days, after eating well, and then let the Wii weigh you again. I know, easy for me to say.

  2. That looks so good. I have gained 6 lbs in one day before. So much of it is water, etc. It is normal. I would say don’t weigh everyday. It can make you insane.