Dragons have invaded my house

My house has been invaded by dragons.  There is one sitting at the front door on top of a plant pot watching all who enter my house and keeping an eye on the rest of the neighbourhood.

Then there is another smaller one perched on top of the fireplace keeping a watchful eye over the living room making sure that the dogs are behaving themselves.

I should be worried about having my house invaded by dragons but they are both so cute that I have decided that they can stay as long as they dont try to eat the dogs.


2 responses to “Dragons have invaded my house

  1. They are gorgeous :) Are they the kind that can be mounted on the corner of your roof?

  2. No, they are just free standing statues, although we did see some gargoyles that you mount on the top of walls. However, we refrained from getting them, although I think it would be cool to freak out the postman.