Adventures in Gingerbread Making

I felt like baking something today since I haven’t done any baking in over 6 months.  I usually bake cookies or sometimes bread but today I ventured out into gingerbread.  I have never baked gingerbread before so I found myself an easy recipe over at

Not content with just boring gingerbread cookies, I dug out my cookie cutters and make gingerbread stars, hearts, ducks, cats, rabbits and odd shaped men.

I also decided to make some icing as well since I had some egg whites left over from the gingerbread.  Lela and I decided to go for some non-standard colours.

Unfortunately, our icing abilities leave a lot to be desired and so our gingerbread creatures look like they have been iced by six year olds.  It is a good things that these are not cakes or else I would have to submit them to Cake Wrecks.

I tried to disguse the icing under hundreds & thousands but I really don’t think they look any better.

Fortunately, they taste better than they look and for my first attempt at gingerbread making I must say that I did a pretty good job.

All photos were taken using my mobile phone, sorry about the quality.

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3 responses to “Adventures in Gingerbread Making

  1. Very nice. We made Gingerbread rather like yours and gave them to our friends and neighbours. Ours were a bit thick and were chewy.

    Happy Holidays and hope you have a good year this year.

  2. Colin, what a lovely thing to do.
    I hope you and your family have a fantastic 2009.

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