The Mystery of the Spots

My doctor finally called at 2:30pm today with the result of my blood tests to see what is causing my itchy spots and the good news is that I don’t have the chicken pox or rubella or anything infectious.  This means that I can actually leave the house now and rejoin society.  However, they are not sure what has caused my body to break out into hundreds of itchy spots all over my arms, neck, chest and stomach.  No idea at all.  My blood isn’t showing any signs of inflamation which in my mind would rule out an allergic reaction, although I could be wrong.

So my spots remain a complete mystery and I am getting pretty sick of getting illnesses that can not be easily diagnosed.  Whilst medical mysteries are interesting to read about they are not in the slightest bit interesting to be living, in fact pretty fucking annoying would be a more accurate description.


4 responses to “The Mystery of the Spots

  1. Craig thomler

    Perhaps you are spontaneously turning into a Dalmation.

    I’ve seen Disney -it CAN really happen….

  2. *laugh* I think I would make a pretty good Dalmatian.

  3. If you need someone to go with you to your appointment to see Dr. House, I’m your girl.

  4. Deb, I think I do need to go see Dr House. Just have to make sure I dont spend my time there drooling over Thirteen and Cameron.