First Day of the New Year

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So here it is day one of 2009 and I have spent it sitting on the couch trying not to scratch and failing miserably.  I do indeed lead an exciting life.

I have watched the Doctor Who Xmas Special and despite having a crush on David Tennant I came away from it being not that impressed.  There was nothing glaringly wrong with it, it just wasn’t brilliant.  I fear all the specials this year are going to be like that cause Doctor Who really requires things to build up over the course of the season and then blow you away in the final couple of episodes.   You can’t do that in a one hour special.  I am hoping beyond hope that Russell T Davis proves me wrong.

I have also watched the first two episodes of True Blood and I am liking it.  The series so far seems to have a Buffy/Heroes feel to it with vampires being gory and threatening just the way vampires should be, none of this Twilight sparkling shit.  I am a little disturbed by Anna Paquin being blonde and having a thick Southern accent but I am sure I will get over it.. maybe. It is kinda really disturbing.

So, so far not a bad start to the new year.  I just wish that whatever these spots are that it would go away and stop making me itchy and feeling like crap.

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4 responses to “First Day of the New Year

  1. I’m still disturbed by Anna Paquin having reached puberty. I think I’m always going to think of her as Flora from “The Piano”.

  2. I totally agree, she will always be about 8 in my mind and not old enough to be snogging vampires.

  3. Sounds like a show my Damn Emos might like.

    Hope you find the source of that itch babe.

  4. Kelley: It is probably a little too risque for the damn emos. It has some fairly full on sex scenes. Then again kids these days have probably seen worse.