A Very Spotty New Year

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and itchy red spots on the top of my arms and on my neck.  At first I thought I had been bitten by mossies during the night, but then the spots travelled down my arms and appeared on my chest and stomach.  Something was not right, so off to the doctor’s I went.

The doctor is not sure what I have.  It could be chicken pox, rubella (German Measles) or the measles or it could be none of the above.  The doctor is erring on the side that it is something infectious as I have a red streaked throat which suggests it is something viral.  I had blood taken to test for the diseases above and will get the results hopefully on Friday.  Until then I am in quarantine, which totally sucks as I am supposed to be going to a friend’s house for NYE tonight.  There are going to be two little ones just over 1 year old there and I do not to risk infecting them if I do have something nasty, so I will be staying home.

I have been put on Phenergan, which is an anti-histamine to help with the itching but it has the side effect of being a sedative and it contains the chemical that used to be in cough medication that kids would buy to get themselves stoned.  Therefore I may not be conscious at midnight anyway.  I just love the name Phenergan.  I want to create a D&D character and call him Phenergan.  He would be a doopy cleric who really wasn’t aware of what was going on around him but knew exactly where the inn was in any town.

So I will be drugged out on the couch for NYE, what do the rest of you have planned?

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2 responses to “A Very Spotty New Year


  2. Oh, no! I hope you get better really soon.

    Me. I’m going to be avoiding the Thames as far as possible. Probably watch a bit of telly (recorded – what’s listed looks shockingly awful) wrapped up warm (zero degrees – icy).