A Not So Successful Shopping Trip

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There was one reason and one reason only that I went into the City this afternoon and that was so that I could go to the Medicare office and get back the rebate on all my medical expenses.  I find it hard to get to the Medicare office as the ones nearest to me are not open on weekends and they are next to impossible to get to on my lunch break.  So, I had this afternoon all planned out in my head.  Go to the Medicare office, go to the NIB office and then off to see if I could find some shorts and do some other post-Xmas shopping browsing.

So I get into the CBD and walk up to the Medicare office, to find the damn place shut until tomorrow.  Tomorrow!  I can tell you some choice swear words went through my head on finding the fucking place closed.  I had braved the crowds of the city for nothing and will have to go back to the infernal place for a second time this week.  Being in a foul mood meant that any shopping for shorts was not going to happen.  I hate clothes shopping at the best of times, but when I am in a bad mood I don’t even attempt it.  There is no point in getting myself in even a worse mood when I realise that once again I am too fat to even think about getting anything in the women’s clothing department.  The fact that I rarely like what is in the women’s clothing department is besides the point.  My self-loathing is not rational.

I wandered about with Lela down Adventure Alley aka Kent Street, where she ordered some five finger shoes, they are seriously the weirdest looking shoes ever but she swears that they are extremely comfortable.  We then went book shopping but alas Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book is not yet available in paperback and I find hardcover books too heavy to hold.  We stumbled upon The Cupcake Bakery where I got all excited to finally try a red velvet cupcake only to find out that they had sold out .  Damn thwarted again!  Still the chocolate cupcake was quite yummy.

My luck changed when we went to Lush and because I spent more than $50 I got one of their new products free.  I choose the Rub Rub Rub shower gel which I had been looking at earlier but I had decided to be good and not to get it.  Score!  Then we hit JB Hi-Fi which is a seriously dangerous place because the DVDs are so cheap.  We got the Season Four boxsets of Doctor Who and House, Juno, Knocked Up and History of the World Part I (which was only $7) and then we got the hell out of there before we spent any more money.

So my trip into the City was not entirely unsuccessful, but I am still pissed off about the Medicare office being closed.

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