Help Me Solve My Dilemma

I am having a dilemma.  I need to buy some more shorts to wear in this horrible lovely warm weather we are having.  However, I am trying to lose weight and so far am doing a pretty job with it – 2.3kg in 11 days.

Therefore I need to know do I buy shorts now that will fit me in my current fat state knowing that in a couple of weeks or months they will be big for me or do I hold off buying shorts and just wear the two decent pairs I have until I lose some more weight and then buy some more shorts?

I would like to take advantage of the Boxing Day sales and get some shorts at a rather cheap price and I have a trip to Melbourne planned in the middle of January that I will definitely need some shorts for.  Should I wait until the week before I go to Melbourne to get some shorts in the hope that I will be a bit skinnier than I am now? Or do I buy just one pair now to wear and then get some more later on?

All these choices and I have no idea what to do.  Help me please!


3 responses to “Help Me Solve My Dilemma

  1. I would say get some at the amazing sales with elastic, or if they have the kind there that you can adjust the waistband, get those. If not, go with a couple now, and a couple later. :)

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  3. My philosophy? Look/feel as good as possible now. Helps keep up the positivity needed to lose weight. Unless it’ll break the bank to buy replacements in a couple of months, buy one or two pairs that fit now, I reckon.