Front Door Guardian

I love gargoyles and have ever since I was about 10 and saw them on all the old churches in Europe.  I also love dragons and mythical creatures.  The creatures that the human imagination can envisage are amazing.  I have a couple of gargoyle magnets but nothing else cause I know once I start collecting them I would never be able to stop.

On my way to work I pass a store called Stone, Fire & Water that sells gargoyles and mythical creatures statues and I gaze longingly at the display in the window as my bus goes past.  They now have a website and I am hooked.  I want a gargoyle or a dragon to sit at my front door.

There is this guy – Hazem who would go nicely there

Or there is this little cutie

I am definitely going to go on an excursion to the store during my time off and have a wander through and I will do my very best not to bring half the store home.


5 responses to “Front Door Guardian

  1. So this is what you’ll be doing with your Christmas money?

  2. I think I might spend it on a front door guardian. Want to come help me pick on out, considering it will be your front door guardian too?

  3. I love the second one! It is adorable!

    I know they are not supposed to be adorable, but… ADORABLE!

  4. Kelley, I think the second one is adorable as well. It is okay, he can be adorable because he is a dragon.

  5. Funny, there seems to be one rather like that second one on our mantelpiece at the moment.