Lovin’ my WiiFit

The Fat Just Walks Away - Doctor Who

'The Fat Just Walks Away' - Doctor Who

I have had my WiiFit for a week now – and I absolutely love it.  Now this is a pretty big endorsement considering I usually hate all forms of exercise, but I actually look forward to using my WiiFit and will spend longer using it than I planned to.  The proof that I love my WiiFit is that I have lost a kilo (2.2lbs) since Wednesday.  Also, walking the dogs everyday for the past 3 days hasn’t hurt either.

In fact I am loving my WiiFit so much I am dreaming of all the things I might be able to do once I get my fitness level up.  Lela is following the CrossFit program and absolutely loves it.  It is pretty hardcore but it sounds like fun.  However it involves a lot of weight lifting and running which I can not do until I get the problem with my right knee sorted out.  Having my knee give way whilst doing squats with a large amount of weight is not an ideal situation.

However first thing’s first, I need to lose about 10kg and get my fitness level up to a decent level before I can think about launching into anything even remotely hardcore.

So what about the rest of you with a WiiFit, how are you doing?  Are you able to keep up your motivation to use it?

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