The Week That Was

Flame by BK

Flame by BK

I am still alive.  Sorry that I have not been posting much this week, but things have been truly insane.  I work in the online advertising industry and because everyone has ads that have to be ready for the Christmas/New Year period everything needs to be done yesterday.  Also I had to write a letter of reprimand about one of my team members which wasn’t a pleasant thing to do and I had another team member fly off the handle at another staff member and then go on leave for 2 days to calm down.  Neither of these things made for a happy work environment. Thank god that there are only 2.5 working days left and I am not on call over the holidays this year.

I have had fun getting to work this week as well.  On Wednesday my bus clipped a pole and smashed its mirrors and on Thursday my bus caught on fire (don’t worry no one was hurt).  I was really dreading what was going to happen today so I decided to catch the earlier bus instead and thankfully my morning commute was uneventful.

I have been keeping up doing my WiiFit exercises three times a week.  I must admit thinking very murderous thoughts about it on Wednesday when it told me I had put on 0.5kg but I forgave it today when it told me I had lost 0.8kg.  This is after my work Christmas party on Thursday afternoon where much BBQ food was consumed and a pub lunch today.  Christmas time is such a bad time to be trying to lose weight.

Unfortunately, I have failed taking the dogs for a walk everyday this week.  They only got two walks.  It is so hard to get up when the alarm goes off at 5:45am and the dogs (after a while in Caleb’s case) are more than happy to come snuggle in bed with you.  Still, I feel much better and more awake when I go for my morning walks and the dogs are a lot happier.  I must do better next week.

I have found some interesting things online this week;

  • Countries have appeals to the UN to get homosexuality legalised worldwide.  There are still 77 countries where it is illegal to be homosexual and 7 countries where being gay is punished by the death penalty.  It is terrifying to think that if I lived in one of these countries I could be killed for simply being who I am.
  • Doctors in Colorado have removed a fully formed foot from a newborn baby’s brain.  There is a photo attached to the article (which for the squeamish among you, you have to click to see) that is truly fascinating.  There is so much about the human body we simply do not know.
  • Keeping on the medical theme – amazing and disturbing x-rays! I just love this stuff.
  • Burger King have come out with an men’s fragence that smells like flame-broiled meat. The perfume is aptly called Flame by BK.  Points for the name but really do they think women get horny when they smell cooked meat? Please let me know if you are one of these meat attracted women.
  • This article wins for best headline ever –  Anti-kidnap expert kidnapped.

So, how was everybody else’s week?  Are any of you also working on Christmas Eve(can’t believe I have to go in for half a day)?  Are there some of you that have to show up to work on Christmas Day?

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