One Man’s Protest

On the bus this morning a man got on holding a sign written on a torn off piece of cardboard box.  I thought that he was a beggar until I read the sign.  It said “The Greek government & the Greek police have murdered and Greece criminals” and had the same thing, although probably much better grammar in Greek below it.

He stood in the middle of the bus and let everyone read it for a while before sitting down.  Whilst the bus was moving he had the sign in the window, but when it stopped and more people got on he held the sign above his head so that the new passengers could read it. I got a really crappy photo taken with my phone of him doing this.

He was protesting the fact that Greek police accidentally shot and killed a 15 year old boy.  This act lead to huge riots in Greece overnight with people protesting against the police and the government.  I am not sure his sign had much effect on my fellow commuters though, but it made the commute far more interesting than normal for me.

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