10 Little Known Facts About Me

1. I hate cous cous.

2. As a kid, if ages 7 to 20 fall under the kid category, I worked as an actor.  I mainly did musical theatre and pantomimes but I did a couple of TV commercials as well.

3. I used to play the saxophone, piano and voice – but haven’t done any of them for about 15 years.

4. My first job was as a drama teacher.

5.  I have a Bachelor of Science from Sydney University where I majored in Genetics and minored in Pathology, Anatomy and Forensic Osteology.  I have never used it.

6.  I am a fully qualified veterinary nurse, but had to give it up almost 2 years ago because I have fibromyalgia.

7.  I wish that I had studied harder at school so that I could have done medicine.

8.  I have attended an autopsy and have taught forensic dentists how to properly lay out a skeleton.

9.  I want to live somewhere where it snows just so I can experience a white Christmas and a northern winter.

10. I love gargoyles and would love to have one sitting at my front door.

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6 responses to “10 Little Known Facts About Me

  1. Keep waiting, dear.

  2. I also hate cous cous.

    In fact, I refer to it as “the devil’s food”.

    I’m rather glad not to be alone in this.

  3. Andy: I am also glad I am not the only one. It really is a horrible tasting food.

  4. Gosh how accomplished are you – that was really interesting!!!

  5. I have never eaten cous cous.

    Now I am thinking I know why.

  6. Lily: Thanks so much for the compliment. :)

    Kelley: Stay away from the cous cous!!