Christmas Shopping in the CBD

I had avoided it long enough, but today it became time for me to brave the Christmas crowds in the CBD and go and buy Christmas presents for my family. I hate shopping at the best of times, but when it is crowded and insane, I hate it even more.  Therefore, I prepared a list of everything I needed and where to get it from before leaving the house, so that I had a plan and could hopefully get in, find what I needed and get the hell out of there asap.

My first sign that this was going to be a day of crass commercialism was when I got on the bus.  This is what greeted me.

The bus was covered in tinsel and amazingly tacky Santa pictures on the windows

It is supposed to provide Christmas cheer but the Santa pictures were just so downright creepy that the whole experience was more terrifying than cheerful.

Fortunately, once I got off the Tinsel Express Horror Bus, I found something amazingly cool at the ABC Shop.

A Giant Inflatable TARDIS!!!

Seriously, how cool is this! I have just the perfect corner for it in my office and it would totally secure my geek status.  However, I didn’t buy it.  I was being restrained and focused on why I was in the madness that is the CBD at Christmas time.  I did however buy my grandparents’ gift from the ABC shop, an Andre Rieu DVD that they wanted.

Then looking for my mother’s present, I stumbled across JB Hi-Fi. This is a very bad place to go if you love DVDs for they are very cheap and you suddenly get the urge to buy many of them.  I managed to restrain myself and get my mother’s Christmas present plus Prince Caspian (I love the Narnia movies) and Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix which I hadn’t gotten around to getting and…. Twister!! I have been searching for this movie on DVD for years and just couldn’t find it, and there it was, the special edition for only $19.  Again, I restrained myself from buying the Doctor Who Series 4 box set which was only $65 telling myself that it would probably be cheaper in the Boxing Day sales.  I hope I am right.

A short trip to Dymocks found my father’s present plus I got a compliment by the cashier on my Flying Spaghetti Monster t-shirt.  Now that my shopping was done, it was time to get out, but not before having a quick look at the Xmas window display at David Jones. This year’s theme was the elves in Santa’s workshop.

Not as fantastic as other years but it was okay, I had seen worse.

Fortunately my bus ride home was tinsel free, thank god.  I don’t think I could have stood another trip with those Santa pictures.

Now my Christmas shopping is done for the year, I can relax and hope that I still have some wrapping paper left over from last year, cause I didn’t buy any.  Knowing my luck, we don’t and I will have to brave the crowds again in search of some.

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