Life on Lyrica

One of the most popular search terms for people coming to my blog is about damage and muscle weakness caused by Lyrica.  When I was trialing this drug I wrote a post called Can Lyrica cause muscle damage? I was on a very low dose of the drug (75mg) and was experiencing some weird symptoms including muscle weakness.  I went and asked a chemist about it and was told that Lyrica can cause short-term muscle damage.  Turns out it wasn’t the Lyrica, just another joy of my lovely chronic illness.

I am now on month three of using Lyrica taking a dosage of 2x75mg (150mg) daily.  I can’t praise this drug enough.  I have gone from needing forearm crutches to walk to being able to take my dogs on daily, albeit short, walks.  Also, an added and unexpected bonus of Lyrica is that it has reduced my anxiety. I now feel more calm and relaxed than I have in years and was able to handle Rory’s spinal problems without having any anxiety attacks.   The only issue I have with Lyrica is how expensive it is.  It is not covered by the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) so a month’s worth of medication would cost me $114 if I didn’t buy it online where is costs $80.  Still it isn’t cheap.

If your doctor recommends that you try Lyrica to treat fibromyalgia definitely give it a go.  You will experience dizziness for the first couple of days but tough it out and hopefully you will get as good results as I have.

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