The Rehabilitation Challenge

With Rory getting the all clear from the vet to gradually increase her activity level after spinal surgery and with my fibromyalgia being controlled by medication, it was time for both of us to start working our way back to fitness and so the Rehabilitation Challenge was born.

Lela and Caleb go for a 5km walk every weekday morning.  I used to join them before I got sick and Rory used to go before her disc ruptured.  However, neither Rory and I are up to doing a full 5km walk just yet but we are determined to work our way up to it.

Therefore on Monday morning, we got up and joined Lela and Caleb for roughly the first kilometre of their walk.  Rory handled it really well until it came time for us to head back home and for Lela and Caleb to continue on.  The crying and howling when we started walking in the opposite direction to them were impressive to say the least.  In fact, they were so bad that Lela and Caleb had to come back part of the way with us until they were able to sneak off and when Rory realised, I had to carry her the rest of the way home.  There was no way this little beagle was going to go anywhere without the rest of her pack.

On Tuesday she did a little better with being separated from them.  Although she spent half of the walk back going at such a slow pace I got scared that she was in pain.  Turns out she was sulking but my anxiety levels got a nice workout.

This morning, we took a break and slept in.

It seems like the Rehabilitation Challenge at this stage is not so much about being able to walk a certain distance but being able to handle being separated from the rest of the pack.  I don’t think Rory will ever get comfortable with that, but hopefully in about a month or so, we will be able to do the whole walk.

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