Swapping Blogs, Sharing Life

Hi there, I’m ExMi. We’re doing a bit of a blog swap here. I discovered Rainbows of Chaos through NaBloPoMo. You can read her guest post on my blog here. In terms of the NaBloPoMo challenge, it’s been awesome posting something every day. Forcing yourself to write. I think all bloggers need that motivation every once in a while.

I’ve often wondered what it is that compels people to blog. What it is that makes people tell their entire lifestories, complete with photographic evidence, to people they don’t even know, and are likely to never meet. Let’s face it, a public blog can be read by just about anyone. And you’d be amazed at who reads your blog. Even looking at stats and seeing details of how people were referred to your blog, search terms that lead them there, can never fully tell you about your readers.

I’ve met some amazing people through blogging. Having moved to another city, in South Africa, from Durban to Johannesburg was a big change for me. I left all my school and college friends behind. All I had here was a few family members, my boyfriend, and now our son. And through blogging, I have met the most stunning people. Moms like me. Moms that have helped me cope with the transition from carefree single party girl, to committed mother and live-in girlfriend. My pregnancy was unplanned (my readers are probably sick of this story) and it forced me to move cities to be with the baby’s father. We’d only been dating two months when I fell pregnant. Now we have a one year old son, and have been living together for a year.

I think if it wasn’t for the outlet that blogging allows me, I would have gone insane. On my blog, I can talk about all my relationship issues, all my anxieties, my disasters, my in-love moments, and my stresses with being a new mom. I get to share in other peoples’ lives too. And learn that I’m not the only one going through these things. Learning from other people’s stories, and experiences. Blogging helps me feel less isolated. I’m at home all day, with my son, and it gets lonely. But reading people’s blogs, and getting comments on what I’ve written is a little bit of contact with the outside world. Contact with adults.

Sharing my life with my readers (even though I don’t know all of them) has been amazing. I love looking back through my archives, and seeing how much I’ve grown and how much my life has changed, since I first started blogging three years ago. Blogging is the only ‘hobby’ I’ve been constantly doing, that lasted longer than a month. Blogging is the only thing I’ve never got bored of.

I love writing, and writing on my blog is as close as I’ll ever get to being a real writer. I’d love to be an author, I’d love to pen an epic novel, or even a self-help book, but I probably never will. I studied law, and am still doing my masters degree in public law, and writing legal opinions and drafting contracts and agreements is definitely not the kind of writing that I am most passionate about. It’s interesting, but it’s not as absorbing as blogging is.

So, until I decide one day, to chuck out the briefcase and law reports, the only thing you’ll be reading from me is my blog. But who knows. Maybe one day the book I write will be a bestseller, and will be made into a movie.

Until then, stay tuned. So you can say ‘I read her back in the day when she used to write on her blog’. And I hope you enjoy. Sometimes I have my funny-as-fuck moments, other days I’m depressed, I’m stressed out and on the odd occasion I can be quite boring. The one thing I do promise is that you’ll never get what you expect. I’m all about variety.

So thanks, to Riayn, for letting me spout my words out onto her blog, it’s been amazing. I’ve loved every second of it. And I hope it at least brought a smile to your face.


2 responses to “Swapping Blogs, Sharing Life

  1. yay, it’s so cool seeing my words on someone else’s blog!!

  2. Nice to meet you ExMi, great post.