My dog, the TV addict

There is a lot of debate about whether dogs can actually see images on the TV and all the reports seem to contradict each other.  However, no matter what the so-called experts say my dog Caleb does watch TV.  He even has his favourite shows.  Being a dog Animal Planet is his favourite channel and when Animal Precinct is on, this is Caleb for the duration of the show.

He LOVES Animal Precinct to the point where you don’t even dare to change the channel.  When he sees dogs running across the screen, he will jump off of the couch and go and bark at the TV.  Alternatively, if a dog or cat is crying, he will go up to the TV and try to comfort them.  This is the reason why our TV constantly has dog nose prints on it.

For the past two weeks whilst Rory has been on crate rest, we have kept Caleb inside with her during the day while we are at work.  To provide some background noise we have put the TV on for them, on the Animal Planet channel of course.  However, it seems that during this time Caleb has become addicted to watching TV.  This morning, the TV was off and we were all going about our weekend chores when Caleb walked up to the TV looked at it and laid down in front of it staring at it pointedly.  When we turned the TV on Caleb gave a contented sigh and settled in to watch a documentary about hippos, then one on wombats and then one about doggy daycare before we decided he really had watched enough TV for the day.

It is now late afternoon and Caleb is again lying on his couch staring longingly at the TV.  Do I turn it on for him?  Do I feed his addiction?  Is it bad for dogs to watch so much TV?

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4 responses to “My dog, the TV addict

  1. least he has good taste in TV, and isn’t making you watch sport.
    You’ll have to teach him how to use the remote.

  2. Leigh: There is no way I am giving my dogs that much power. I have to maintain some control over them.

  3. Cute! We leave one TV on for our elderly cat, Stinky. The cartoon channel. It seems right.

  4. Kathy: I hope Stinky enjoys her cartoons.