A Mouse in the House


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We have an unwanted houseguest.  We found signs of it in the dog food cupboard; gnaw marks on the dog food bag and little tiny droppings.  Then we heard scratching and scampering in the kitchen.  It wasn’t long before our little houseguest showed itself by running across the lounge room floor to hide behind the bookcases.

Caleb is doing his best impression of a mouser cat, but alas, he has failed to capture it.  Therefore we need to take more drastic action.  I refuse to let any rat or mouse posion in the house.  I have dealt with too many dogs with rat bait poisioning to feel even remotely comfortable having it around, even if it was in a locked cupboard.  Lela brought a mouse trap when we were out grocery shopping but it will need to be put somewhere where the dogs can not get to it.  I have no illusion that our dogs are smart enough to avoid it. The trap will probably be hidden behind the fridge as Rory can open the dog food cupboard and we will just have to hope that the mouse goes there.

Still, I would like to know about humane, dog friendly ways to trap a mouse that don’t involve poisions or traps that dogs can get their noses or paws damaged by.

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6 responses to “A Mouse in the House

  1. Last time I was in a supermarket looking at such things, they had a weird spiral thingy that claimed to be humane. Didn’t look at all like a mousetrap. Looked more like a cockroach maze.

  2. You can get live capture traps from large hardware chains.

    They’re just a long steel box with a spring-loaded door on one end – big enough to capture all but the biggest rats.

    Because the door swings up from the floor of the trap it should just give the dogs a bit of a shock if they stick noses/paws where they shouldn’t.

  3. I used to have mice – twice, in two separate rentals. I was fine at the rental house until it crawled into bed with me *scream* Which meant that by the time I had mice at the second rental, I wasn’t going to stand for that. Mouse traps immediately. Mind you, it took my long distance boyfriend (now hubs) to even realize I had mice after I’d lived there a couple of months.

  4. Naomi and Will: I will see if I can find the traps you are describing. I would much prefer a humane trap than the standard mouse trap.

    LA Blogger Girl: The mouse crawled into bed with you? Yikes! I hope ours never gets that adventurous.

  5. I good trick is putting the mouse trap in a brown lunch sack on its side… that way you just have o pick up the bag and you get to skip the whole visual and guts…. yuck.

    how about under cabinets? where the dog can’t reach? or out it in the dog food cabinet but put something infront so the dog can’t get to it?

    Nice blog by the way (I came via nablopomo!)
    …i’m also running a contest that ends at the end of the month! check it out!

  6. Erika: Great idea of putting the trap in a paper bag. I am with you that I don’t want to see the trapped decapitated mouse.
    Off to check out your contest :)