The Monday Challenge

I have been tagged by Melbourne Girl to complete the Monday Challenge.

The task: Using the comments link, ask me 3 questions about anything (be gentle though, it _is_ Monday). I will attempt to answer them as best I can by midnight tonight.

Whilst I won’t tag anyone, please feel free to do the challenge on your blog.

Looking forward to seeing what questions you guys come up with.


5 responses to “The Monday Challenge

  1. 1) Where do babies come from?
    2) Why don’t we just combine all current religions into one massive pagan religion?
    3) Why am i single? ;)

  2. 1) What do you/ have you called your Grandmother? (eg Nan, Nonna, Granny etc)

    2) What’s your favourite dish/food/ treat to cook? Is it the same dish you like to cook for others?

    3) If you didn’t name your pets their current names, what would you name them instead? (I hope that makes sense)


  3. 1) Why do birds suddenly appear?
    2) Do you know the way to San Jose?
    3) Do you love me (now that I can dance)?

  4. dear riayn,

    1) who is the hottest member of sleater-kinney, corin or carrie?

    2) what is your favourite radiohead song? “none” is acceptable.

    3) if you were feeling suddenly and inexplicably emotional, would you rather watch “requiem for a dream” or “spongebob squarepants”?

    4) precisely how awesome is “khe sanh”?

  5. oops, that was four questions.

    but the last is a given anyway.