The Monday Challenge Responses

From Ben

1) Where do babies come from?

When Mummy and Mummy love each other very much they go to the sperm bank or ask their gay friends.  After which they usually buy a turkey baster…

2) Why don’t we just combine all current religions into one massive pagan religion?

Good idea, however I would prefer no religions.  But I can’t see how monotheistic religions would go combining with polytheistic religions. How on earth would they decide whether to worship one god or many?

3) Why am i single?

Because you are living with your wife Kevin.  That tends to put potential suitors off.

From Sammyjopeters

1) What do you/ have you called your Grandmother? (eg Nan, Nonna, Granny etc)

My Grandmother on my mother’s side is Nanna.  My grandmother on my father’s side when she was alive was Grandmother.  My step-grandmother, when she was alive, was know as evil bitch from hell or angel of death.

2) What’s your favourite dish/food/ treat to cook? Is it the same dish you like to cook for others?

I love making macaroni and cheese for which I make the cheese sauce from scratch.  However for others, I like making sugar cookies.

3) If you didn’t name your pets their current names, what would you name them instead? (I hope that makes sense)

Rory was either going to be Rory or Hershey.  Whereas Caleb came with the name Dieter, we never had another name for him as Caleb just suited him so well.

From Lelak

1) Why do birds suddenly appear?

Because it is spring and it is breeding season.

2) Do you know the way to San Jose?

No, but I am sure that Google Maps can tell me.

3) Do you love me (now that I can dance)?

You can dance??? *shocked look*  When did that happen?

From Andyr, who asked four questions;

1) who is the hottest member of sleater-kinney, corin or carrie?

I needed to look them up on Google Images cause I had no idea what they looked like, but after a look at the photos, I say Corin.

2) what is your favourite radiohead song? “none” is acceptable.

Since I can’t name a single Radiohead song off the top of my head, I would have to say none.

3) if you were feeling suddenly and inexplicably emotional, would you rather watch “requiem for a dream” or “spongebob squarepants”?

Can I say neither?  I didn’t really enjoy Requiem for a Dream and I want to strangle Spongebob Squarepants.

4) precisely how awesome is “khe sanh”?

I needed to Google this as well.  Obviously, I am just completely uncool.


9 responses to “The Monday Challenge Responses

  1. hey! i got mine in on monday too!

  2. Don’t worry Andyr, I will edit the post with my responses to your questions.

  3. LOL – they’re great

  4. because of my situation in #3, i am happy to help with #1 since i meet the requirements =)

  5. Ben: *runs screaming from the internets*

  6. Ben and Lelak: I don’t want to know what you two are planning over there.

  7. We got a groovy kind of love, baby.

  8. woohoo! good answers! i would also say corin.

    but if the answer to question 3 is neither, then what would you watch?

    (i’m a spongebob man, myself.)

  9. Andyr: When I am having a bad day healthwise, I want to watch House. I have no idea why being in pain makes me watch multiple episodes of it back to back.
    If I was feeling emotional then probably a disaster film like Twister.