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This week has been insanely busy both at work and at home.  Rory has come home from hospital on Monday night and whilst she is getting better every day, she is still fairly high maintenance.  Our washing machine and dryer are getting a work out as we need to wash towels and blankets every day because the steroids Rory is on makes her pee so much and my poor little girl just can’t hold her bladder whilst we are at work all day. Fortunately, she finished the steroids yesterday, so here’s hoping she can keep her crate dry during the day from now on cause I am getting sick of dealing with urine soaked bedding,

Also because Rory is on strict crate rest, if she wants to go out and pee, she has to be taken out on a harness.  Therefore our mornings and nights seem to be spent taking to beagle out to pee – damn those steroids.  Despite putting on the harness multiple times a day, both Lela and I still struggle with it.  Those harnesses are tricky things to work out, especially when Rory is trying to walk away whilst you try to put it on her.

With taking care of Rory and being flat out at work, I feel like I haven’t had a decent rest all week.  I plan to be comatosed on Saturday.

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