Twilight: Should I Bother Reading It?

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I have been hearing and reading a lot of hype about Stephanie Meyer’s book Twilight and the series of books that come after it.  Whilst the description of the series doesn’t excite me – a book for young adults about a teenager girl falling in love with a vampire, I know not to judge books by how some people describe them.  If I did that I would have never read the books about a young wizard written for children and I really enjoyed the Harry Potter series and the movies.

I really don’t want to read about a book about some teenage girl’s angst about falling in love with a boy she can’t have.  I am over teen angst, I lived through it and have no desire to read someone else’s version of it.  It was Harry’s teen angst issues that made me really not enjoy Order of the Phoenix. There needs to be more to the story than some girl moaning about a boy to make me want to read it.

Also I am wondering, since I have been spoilt by Sunshine written by Robin McKinley, that powerfully describes the problems of human/vampire interactions, if I will enjoy Twilight. If anyone has read Sunshine and also has read Twilight, I really want to hear what you thought about both books and how they compare to each other.

So please, convince me to read Twilight or alternatively tell me why I should avoid it like the plague.

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3 responses to “Twilight: Should I Bother Reading It?

  1. I bought it.

    I read 3 pages.

    I put it down until Moo found it a week later.

    She read the whole series in like 3 days. Even faking a day off school to read it (and I confiscated it and took it to work with me)

    So I haven’t read it. Not planning on it either. But Moo has been swooning about it and her fav books at the moment are Animal Farm, Shakespeare and this huge book of poetry…

    Fat lot of good I am right?

  2. My Lou is swooning about it all over the place too so I bought it and read it (the whole thing not just three pages).

    I didn’t find it angst filled and it was an ok read. Not gonna swoon about it like a teenage girl though.

    Haven’t read Sunshine so can’t compare.

  3. I thought I’d hate Twilight, but I was wrong. I like the story and it keeps me entertained. I’m in the third book now, Eclipse. I kind of feel some affinity for the characters. The angst is heavy in the second book, though, I will warn you. The first and third are less angsty.