Bringing the beagle home

Tonight we were able to bring Rory home from the hospital. She is looking so much better after her surgery and is able to move around relatively pain free.  She seems much brighter and is interested in the world again.

Caleb has missed her so much and was overjoyed to have her back home.  We reintroduced them with Rory in her crate so that they didn’t try to romp and play with each other.  Rory seems a bit nonplussed about seeing Caleb though.  I guess if I had just had spinal surgery a large bounding German Shepherd wouldn’t impress me much either.

Rory will be on strict crate rest for at least two weeks.  We need to go back and see the specialist in two weeks time to get her stitches out and he will make the decision on how much activity she is allowed after that.

She has an impressive surgical wound down her neck and a big shaved patch on her back from where they did the the myelogram.  I will post some photos later of her “war wounds”.  I am just so glad to have my baby girl back home again.

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4 responses to “Bringing the beagle home

  1. Oh, man, I’m glad she’s okay. Cervical discs are no fun at all.

  2. So glad she’s home. I hope she recovers quickly. *hugs* to you all!

  3. Stripedsocks: Thanks :) Fortunately, she didn’t have any neurological issues, just a lot of pain.

    Nyssa: Thanks :) She will recover a lot quicker if she would stop rolling around on her back and just rest.

  4. Glad she’s ok. Hope recovery is quick and problem free :)