The Halfway Point

I am on day 15 of the 30 days of NaBloPoMo.  So far it hasn’t been as hard as in previous years to find things to blog about. Unfortunately, my dogs have been providing a lot of blog fodder.  I say unfortunately because they have both been sick/injured.  Rory is still in hospital after having spinal surgery on Thursday.  The vets say she is doing well and will hopefully be able to come home on Monday.  Meanwhile, Caleb is over his bout of kennel cough and is now one very depressed big dog as Rory is not here and he doesn’t understand why.  I really wish we had some way to communicate with dogs so I could explain to him why his partner in crime is not around.

In non-dog related things, I have held a couple of polls.  On the poll about disgusting office habits, you voted 20 votes to 4 that cutting your fingernails at your desk was a disgusting office habit.  My fingernail cutting co-worker is still at it, by the way.  Then in the great toilet roll debate you voted 14 votes to 3 that the over position is the proper way to hang your toilet roll.  Also, there was one of you who admitted to never hanging the toilet roll.  I hope that is because your toilet roll holder is broken and not because you are one of those horrible people who never replace the toilet roll when it runs out.  Both polls are still open if you haven’t voted yet.

So, 15 straight days of posting once a day, are you sick of me yet?

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